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According to the Canadian Coalition against Insurance Fraud “Billions of dollars are picked from Canadian pockets each year by what many people consider a victimless crime”.  This thievery is not occurring on the streets of urban Canada.  It may be happening in automobile repair shops, medical clinics, law offices, and even in your own neighbourhood……..  The crime is Insurance Fraud.  It has been estimated that insurance fraud costs Canadians $1.3 billion annually. According to insurers, approximately 10% to 15% of home, car or business insurance claims are fraudulent.


Hale & Associates is able to assist lawyers and claims representatives in making sound and accurate decisions based on the information and evidence collected by the investigators.  Our investigators are equipped with the most up to date video, audio, and photographic equipment on the market today.  The main goal of the investigator is to observe and document all physical activities of the claimant and then report back to the client with their evidence.  All of the video footage obtained is presented to the client in their preferred format, such as VHS, CD, or DVD, along with a typed, fully detailed report.  

The investigators at Hale & Associates are highly skilled and trained in all aspects of insurance frauds and investigations, including, but not limited to the following.


  • Insured & Witness Statements
  • Financial Background & Motive
  • Insurance History
  • Fraudulent Claims


  • Fraudulent Claims
  • Discreet Surveillance
  • Primary Insurance Search
  • Claims History
  • Claimant / Witness Interviews and Statements
  • Neighbourhood Inquiries for Background Activities


  • Claimant Interviews
  • Clinic Audits
  • Contestable & Accidental Death Claims/Investigations
  • Missing Persons and Sudden Disappearances
  • Fatalities
  • Accident Benefit Verification


  • Asset & Income Location
  • Financial Fraud Investigations
  • Evidence Collection
  • Photographic & Video Support
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