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Hale & Associates Investigation Services offers no charge consultation to all perspective clients, whether you are a Solicitor, Corporate representative, member of the Insurance community or a private individual.  We strongly believe that any individual or organization requiring investigation services be fully informed and receive immediate advice and action necessary to initiate their investigation and be informed of the most appropriate and efficient course of action for their needs.

Through the consultation with our executive team we will strive to provide you with personal and discreet attention to your situation, keeping in mind that most investigations are of a sensitive nature.  During the consultation we will provide you with the most cost effective and efficient plan of action in order to obtain your directive.

Hale & Associates will attempt to provide an accurate cost analysis on each file, ensuring that we are operating within your financial boundaries and goals.  Our investigators are efficient and highly trained with strong effective time management skills.

Our high level of diversity and flexibility allows us to accommodate to the individual characteristics of your situation / investigation.  Ongoing communication with our client during an investigation is essential to obtaining the most proficient outcome.

Hale & Associates client base is wide and diversified and is growing to include such clients as Fortune 500 companies, financial institutions, insurance organizations, highly recognized law firms, government agencies, as well as private individuals.  We also provide a wide range of services to medium sized corporate and industrial clients and smaller operations which may not have the internal resources to carry out an investigation.  Our serviced are available to a wide spectrum of businesses, with our clients being multi-faceted and diversified in scope.

A member of our staff is available around the clock, seven days a week for consultation of your investigative needs.  We accept rush, time sensitive investigations that may require immediate attention.


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