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Hale & Associates is a progressive, full service investigation firm, providing services to the Corporate, Legal and Insurance communities, as well as private individuals in regards to their domestic and family service needs.

We are a premier Ontario investigation firm and with our industry associations and affiliates throughout North America as well as thirty countries around the world, Hale & Associates is able to provide investigative assistance to our clients with services most anywhere in the world.

We employ a highly experienced and well diversified staff with various backgrounds ranging from banking, to policing, human resources/staffing and computer specialists.  Our, team of specialized, investigators are trained in surveillance, field interviews, document retrieval, and expert testimony within the judicial process.  We assign each case to an investigator who specializes in a specific area dictated by each case, which enables us to suit the needs of our clients.  Each member of our staff is highly trained in the investigation field and is required to participate in ongoing education so that we may serve you properly, therefore this provides us with the ability to assist you and answer any question you may have.

Our background and pre-employment screening processes are performed by investigators who have obtained specialized training in all facets of human resource analysis, criminal and civil document retrieval.

In order to compliment our highly skilled staff, we utilize the latest and the most technologically advanced equipment available to the industry today.

We have worked hard to establish a reputation throughout the province as a leader in confidential civil, and criminal investigations, and for providing strong evidence in undercover operations.

Our firm’s expertise has been recognized throughout the legal and business community for providing the most informative and comprehensive investigation services available in our industry.  We examine, analyze and investigate a wide range of resources to assist our clientele in making effective business decisions and avoiding unnecessary risks.  Hale & Associates has the experience and background to investigate the most complex issues.  Our goal is to provide our clients with a timely, comprehensive, cost effective, and professional investigative approach in order to achieve their goal.

Our investigations are meticulously conducted in a fashion where documentation and communication with our client is paramount.  Client satisfaction is always our top priority.  We are licensed under the Ministry of Community, Safety and Correctional Services, bonded and insured.


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