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  Family / Domestic Services  

Hale & Associates offers a wide range of Domestic and Family Services, which are commonly utilized by the private individual or under the direction of their legal counsel. 

We conduct our investigations with the utmost discretion, given the sensitivity of most Domestic/Family situations.  Surveillance may be conducted in situations of child abuse, infidelity, drug//alcohol abuse, and or children while in the care of adults, such as babysitters/caregivers. 



We believe that executed surveillance should never violate an individual’s “reasonable expectation of privacy”.


  • Estate Litigation
  • Forensic Paternity (DNA Tests)
  • Discreet Surveillance
  • Asset Identification & Recovery
  • Family Law Disputes
  • Witness Locates, Interviews, & Statements
  • Evidence Gathering
  • Process and Document Service
  • Slip and Fall Investigation


  • Skip & Debtor Locates
  • Missing Persons & Sudden Disappearances
  • Infidelity Investigations
  • Background & Profile Reports
  • Financial & Criminal history
  • Discreet Surveillance
  • Adoptee Locates
  • DNA Testing
  • Asset Location & Recovery
  • Theft & Vandalism Investigations
  • Divorce, Bankruptcy & Marriage Searches
  • Electronic Counter Measures
  • Nanny / Elderly Watch
  • Covert Camera Applications

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