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Computer Forensics  

With the advancement of technology in today’s society, the use of computers in both business and personal lives has become the way of life for many people.  E-mail and instant messaging have now become more commonplace than the use of the telephone or postal services.  The computer has also become the means, by which some people may communicate with a lover or commit illegal activity.  Computer forensics is the science of preserving, locating and extracting data from a computer.



Computers forensics investigations begin by allowing us access to the computer which needs to be analyzed.  At this time, we complete image of the computer’s contents and then return the computer to you.  This is a process which can be completed by bringing the computer to us or we can go to the computer’s location.

The complete analysis of the computer image will be conducted in our labs and takes approximately 2 weeks to complete.

Below is a list of the computer forensic services that Hale & Associates can provide for you.

  • Computer System Data Recovery -  (Retrieve data from corrupted or damaged computer media)
  • Deleted Data Recovery - (Recover lost or deleted file and records)
  • Forensic Evidence Collection - (Retrieval of specific illegal or fraudulent computer information).  Locate hidden and deleted images, text files and emails.
  • Disaster Recovery Service - (Retrieve data from water, fire, or physically damaged computers)
  • Network Security Consulting - (Detection of workplace fraud and illegal network or Internet abuse
  • Assistance in Developing Policies and Procedures regarding computer use
  • Network Monitoring Software - (Monitor and log workplace networks and computer activities/abuses)
  • Analysis of Hacker Traffic and Tracking of same.
  • Gathering of Evidence and Subsequent Assistance in Prosecution.
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